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PUBLICATIONS: Invited Speaker Seminars
  1. Wang Hongyan, et al. The Salmonella Mutagenicity Test of Ginsenoside-Re on Salmonella, International Ginseng Conference¡¯99, Hong Kong, Jun 1999
  2. Wang Hongyan, et al. HPLC method for determination of Baicalein of Scutellaria baicalensis in Reyanping Keli, International Symposium on the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1998, July, Najing, China
  3. Wang Hongyan, et al. Studies on Chemical Constituents of Panax ginseng and Structure-Activity Relationship of Anti-arrhythmic Action of Ginsenosides, 92¡¯ International Ginseng Conference, Aug. 1992, Changchun, China
  4. Wang Hongyan, et al. Studies on the Active Constituents of Araliaceaous Medicinal Plants in Northeast China, UNESCO Regional Seminal on Chemistry of Medicinal Plants, August 1993, Chengdu, China
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